How to Strengthen your Bones

how to strengthen your bones

The shortest answer to the question of how to strengthen your bones is the combination of having sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D, as well as participating in regular exercises. It’s never too late to start incorporating exercises into your daily routine, whether we’re talking about preventing osteoporosis or simply choosing a healthier life style.

Steps for preventing bone mass loss

Before turning 20, our body produces more bone cells than our body loses them. As we grow older, the bones in our bodies start becoming porous and lighter. Lifestyle choices and regular exercises will not only produce the happiness hormones, but will also keep your bones and muscles stronger for longer. Wondering how to strengthen your bones? You might want to quit smoking, reduce caffeine and alcohol intakes, maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep and stick to a fixed schedule. In addition, you should do cardio exercises and try out resistance training. Low impact exercises are equally efficient: yoga, Pilates and even walking can help you keep a correct posture and maintain bone mass.

Foods for healthy bones

  • Yogurt is packed with vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones. Especially during winter months, it can be difficult to get enough sunlight exposure and therefore, you risk having vitamin D deficiency. A single cup of fat free yogurt offers 30% of the calcium intake you need and 20% of the needed vitamin D intake.
  • Milk is the best drink to give your kids for a reason. Look for a brand that incorporates vitamin D in their product and you’ll only reap the benefits. If you’re not keen on drinking plain milk and you need more than a dash of cinnamon to gulp down three glasses of milk a day, you can mix it into your smoothies or use it as an ingredient in other compositions.
  • Cheese is a fun way to incorporate calcium in your diet. There is no shortage of ways to add cheese to your foods, whether you sneak it into your sandwiches, grate it on omelets or simply munch on it during a movie.
  • Sardines are the ideal candidates when it comes to canned food because they are packed with vitamin D and calcium. If you usually steer away from fish, you might want to reconsider and add these little guys to your diet.
  • Eggs might not be the superstars of bone strengtheners, but they’re still a useful way to add more vitamin D to your diet. Whether you like them scrambled, hard boiled or sunny side up, they make for a hearty breakfast.
  • Salmon is not only packed with omega 3 fatty acids, it’s also a great source of vitamin D. More exactly, it offers 100% of your needed vitamin D intake.
  • Spinach is a great alternative if you’re not too keen on dairies. You can eat it as it is, add it to salads or smoothies since it comprises 25% of the required calcium intake as well as fiber, iron and vitamin A.

There are no definite steps to keep osteoporosis at bay and maintain healthy, strong bones. Use the above recommendations on how to make your bones stronger and make small changes in your lifestyle that will lead to healthier bones and muscles.

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