How to Boost Your Immune System

As the body’s defense mechanisms against potentially infectious invaders, the immune system comprises organs, cells and tissues. These act as a barrier between dangerous organisms and our bodies in order to fight off colds and infections. You’ll be able to tell when your immune system fails because you’ll get ill. We all know people who seldom get sick, while others go down with a cold every other month. The strength and efficiency of our immune systems are innate. If you’ve been wondering how to boost your immune system fast, the blunt answer is that you can’t. There are small steps you can take towards improving it and helping it work at full speed, but none of these are scientifically proven to improve your resistance to germs.

immune system boost illustration

Keep all-nighters to a minimum

Since the immune system is a system rather than an entity, the emphasis in boosting it should fall on balance. There should be harmony in everything you do daily, from what you eat, to your sleeping schedule, to exercising and socializing. If you pull all-nighters during week days, you can’t undo the damaging effects by sleeping twelve hours on Saturdays. Likewise, exercising regularly one month, followed by a six month break won’t help your case either. Be consistent in your decisions and your body might reward you with less colds and less infections.

Not everything that glitters is gold

Nowadays, with the right advertising campaign, there seems to be a cure for everything. However, you should steer away from products that will help and teach you how to boost your immune system in five days. Items that claim to boost your immune cells are a scam because the issue at hand is far more complicated than many think. There are sundry cells in our immune system that respond to germs and invaders differently. Which of these cells should be boosted and to what extent? We’re still in the dark about how many cells and of what type we need in order to function at our best, so you should better leave all immune system boosters out there on their shelves.

Superfoods are real

Undeniably, a poor diet increases the vulnerability to diseases. The good news is that this gives us the chance to naturally help our immune system fight off microbes. As we said above, balance is essential and moderation is key. Bingeing on carbs and sweets won’t help your waistline or your immune system. Try to keep an equilibrated diet, incorporating these power foods:

  • oats – for their fiber that has an antimicrobial super property;
  • garlic – for allicin, the wonder ingredient that keeps bacteria at bay;
  • chicken soup – for the amino acid cysteine;
  • tea – for the L-theanine that helps fight viruses;
  • sweet potatoes – for vitamin A.

Stress less, live longer

It’s common knowledge that you can get stomach pains and hair loss because of stress. Although not proven, it is believed that stress also influences the immune system. If you want to know how to boost your immune system by decreasing stress, unfortunately, there’s no definite answer for this. However, recent experiments have showed that social stress and isolation are very damaging and weaken the immune system which is more prone to break down and give way to infectious diseases.

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