We are excited to launch our new blog and regularly share helpful information and tips on relevant health topics.

To give you an idea of the type of content you can expect in the weeks to come (and beyond), our topics will be centered around 5 areas of health:

Bone Health

  • Learn about exercises that support healthy bones
  • Discover the most effective sources of calcium
  • Learn how to prevent osteoporosis

Brain Health

  • Find out which herbs support brain health
  • Which foods are good for the brain?
  • Learn about the parts of the brain and what each part does

Eye Health

  • Which foods are support healthy eyes?
  • Symptoms of cataracts and what to do if you have them
  • How to stop itchy eyes

Immune Health

  • Learn about the major diseases of the immune system
  • Find out what the symptoms are of shingles

Skin Health

  • Discover natural acne treatments that are kind to your skin
  • Learn about the types of skin cancer
  • Find out what foods are healthy for the skin

We’re really looking forward to delivering some exciting content in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, please browse our site – we have a lot of information to help you keep your body healthy.

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And leave us a comment below telling us what kind of content you want us to write about. We’d love to hear your input and feedback!

Check back next week for our first article. See you then!

Body Health Info Team