With about 42 million Americans suffering from constipation, US News says that constipation is the most common gastrointestinal problem in the United States. Check out some natural laxatives that would be beneficial for you.

Having a tough time using the restroom and being unable to release stool can lead to many other problems. Problems like, hemorrhoids, impaction, rectal prolapse and even anal fissures.

With constipation being the reason for 2.5 million doctor visits a year, it’s time to look into some relief options.

When it comes to a laxative, it is best to search for one that does not use harsh chemicals. Also looking into products that offer natural ingredients is highly recommended. Our bodies are designed to break down natural food consumption over processed items.

How We Chose Our Ratings

When it comes to looking into the best natural laxatives, we make sure to take into the consideration of time, money and customer reviews. We aim to make sure that each recommendation has been carefully researched. Honesty is the best policy, and one that we take with high regard.

The 6 Highly-Recommended Natural Laxatives

Here are 6 natural laxatives that are reliable and effective.

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When it comes to looking into the chia seeds, one ingredient is huge when it comes to contributing as a laxative. Fiber is the key element to helping you release naturally. In 1 ounce of chia seeds, they contain about 11 grams of fiber, here are the nutritional facts when it comes to chia seeds:

  • Fiber 11 grams
  • Fat 9 grams
  • Calcium 18%
  • Protein 4 grams
  • Manganese 30%
  • Magnesium 30%
  • Phosphorus 27%

Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants and not only help as a laxative, they also help with your skin and overall body health. These black little seeds can help you lose weight by absorbing most of the water that’s responsible for expanding your stomach.

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That’s right, looking at the olive oil that sits on the stove can be your best friend. The purpose of using oils as a natural laxative is simple. The oils work as a lubricant and help lube up your bowels. You can use olive oil, mineral oil, castor oil and even flaxseed oil.

Looking into flaxseed oil, you can also substitute it for flaxseeds. Both have the same effect but the only major difference it that one is a seed and the other an oil. Oils can also be used in your hair and on skin. Even coconut oil can be used all over the body, hair, nails and for food.

When using oils as a laxative you are also doing your heart a favor. Oils, much like olive oils are responsible for reducing inflammation throughout the body. extra virgin olive oil improves the function of the lining of the blood vessels. Because of that, it can help prevent blood clotting.

Sounds a little strange that the one thing used to treat sunburns can also be used as a laxative. Aloe alone contains 75 vitamins, enzymes, sugars and minerals.  The Aloe is responsible for increasing the water that you have in your intestines. When doing so the body produces mucus which helps naturally push out food moving in the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits of Aloe Vera are plentiful. When it comes to the skin it can heal burns and help reduce scarring. Use it on wrinkles to help improve the look of them, if used early enough it can reduce wrinkles period. Aloe Vera also lowers blood sugar levels and canker sores while acting as a strong antioxidant and antibacterial ingredient.

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Bring on the beans, chickpeas and lentils. Legumes are high in fiber and increase the butyric acid in the body. Butyric acids are a chain of fatty acids that are considered natural laxatives. Legumes also reduce the inflammation by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Getting a great dose of fiber isn’t the only thing you will get when taking the route to digest legumes. Legumes are also very high in B-group vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous and magnesium. They are very low in saturated fats and high in antioxidants.

They help aid in weight loss by being an appetite suppressant. There’s a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition that shared that 1.4k participants in the span of eight years who ate beans regularly had lower body weight, smaller waists and were at a low risk of obesity.

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High fiber fruits and vegetables are jam packed with fiber. Picking fruits like berries won’t leave you gassy and can help speed up the process as a laxative. Great high fiber fruits include berries, mangos, apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas.

Dehydrated foods are also recommended because they are an excellent mixture of dense fiber and sugars, which are responsible for bowel movements. Great dehydrated fruits to add into your diet are apricots, cranberries, raisins and prunes.

Leafy greens and vegetables they too are great for a laxative. The only issue with electing this option over the fruits, is that vegetables will leave you gassy. Because of that, the discomfort is a little higher and feeling bloated is extremely common when eating a high fiber vegetable diet.

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Coffee is a drink made from roasted and grounded beanlike seeds. It acts as a natural laxative because of the way it affects the gastrin. Gastrin is a hormone and is responsible for the secretion of gastric acid which aids in breaking down food held in the stomach.

When coffee is consumed, it increases the urge to have to use the restroom. While doing so, it stimulates the muscles in the colon which help you release the toxins that are being held in your body. The best way to get the most out of coffee as a laxative is to drink it black.

There are over 20 benefits that coffee has on the body. Besides from being a laxative, coffee can also reduce depression, lower Type 2 Diabetes, increase your fiber intake and help with some minor pain issues.

The Bad Side About Natural Laxatives

When it comes to a natural laxative you will get relief. The one bad thing that comes with a natural laxative is that it works with your body. By this, it means that the natural ingredients will work with your body to break down the blockage and not force your body to release it. During this process, it can take some time for the laxative to have an effect, even if the laxative of choice is coffee.

Because of this, some steer away from a natural laxative because they want an instant or overnight relief. The problem with an overnight relief is that it doesn’t help prepare your body for future run-ins with constipation. Your body will be dependent on the relief and not know how to do it on its own.

Why Pick a Natural Laxative Over a Pill or Liquid?

When looking into the pill or liquid method as a laxative, you always risk putting in chemicals into your body. When it comes to pills, some of them are harsh on your GI tract. The rupture before everything is released tends to be a little painful. Experiencing stomach pain is common when taking a pill.

Liquids like magnesium citrate are common to use also and is another form of an overnight relief like the pills. With liquids, the tastes might not be as sustainable. Some might leave you with a chalky, sour or bitter aftertaste. With the liquid, you have to drink a certain amount, or at a time the entire bottle, to see some type of results.

The difference between a natural laxative over a pill or liquid is the word natural. Natural laxatives work with your body to help you use the restroom as well as help your body to create a natural flow. With pills and liquids, they force your body to go. When dealing with a natural laxative it works with your body, communicating with it so it can go naturally.

When Should I See a Doctor?

With anything pertaining to your health, you should always seek medical attention. If you are experiencing intense or even constant constipation, you should speak with your physician. Going to your doctor can help you see what is going on in your GI tract. They could order X-rays or do a series of tests to break down the problem.

It is highly recommended that you see your doctor before trying anything extreme when it comes to relieving constipation or any other issues with your body. If you see your doctor, they can tell you what you should try first when it comes to naturally relieving yourself. Cutting down options on this list and others found on the web can be easier on the mind.

One Last Natural Laxative That Might Be Overlooked

Given that there are plenty of other natural laxative options out aside from the five given. Most of us overlook one key natural ingredient that is the easiest to attain. This natural laxative is a liquid, has no taste and you can take it multiple times a day. It is recommended by doctors to drink this laxative frequently. Of course, the natural laxative mentioned is water.

The Benefits of Water and Your Body

Our bodies and water are like Ying and Yang. As a matter of fact, our bodies made up of 60% water. When going deeper into our anatomy, the brain and heart consist of 73% water, the skin 64%, lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys are at 79%. Now we know why the doctor recommends drinking 8 glasses of water a day, our bodies need it.

Water can also be the cause of weight gain. For most of the weight that we gain, it is revealed to be because of water retention. A quick definition of water retention is when the excess fluids build up in the body. This usually happens around the stubborn stomach area, can be the reason for swelling in ankles, feet, hands and legs.

Now don’t throw out water completely just because of the mention of weight gain. Water can also be the cause of weight loss. Most of the time when we snack we are bored or thirsty. Most of the time when we eat seconds at dinner or buy that extra donut it is not because we are hungry. LiveStrong.com shares that when our body is thirsty sometimes the brain mistakes that for hunger.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to taking it to the next level and purchasing your natural laxative, you want to look for a few things like knowing your body, the price, and time frame.

When it comes to knowing your body, listen to it. Your body is a clear indication on when something isn’t right.

When it comes to the price, the best thing about a natural laxative is the chance of it being in your cupboard is high. Most of these suggestions might be already in your pantry, or you can grab these at the store for under $10.

When it comes to a laxative, water is our bodies’ best friend. The water that we drink can help soften the stool and even push the food in the GI tract. When adding a soft fiber mixer, like natural fiber powders that are odorless, it will increase the process.

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